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Meet Our Vendors



Awestruck Hard Ciders
8 Winkler Road
Sidney, NY 13838
Phone: 607 237-1671

Contact: Brittany Lloyd
Established: 2014

NYS Hard Cider made in Delaware County. We use 100% NYS Apples in all of our delicious creations. We enjoy creating unique hard ciders that excite the taste buds.

Awestruck Hard Ciders

P.O. 226
Bearsville, NY 12409              
Phone: 518 239-6593

Contact: Maria Gandara & Gregor Trieste


BuddaPesto is a family-owned and run business. For more close to 10 years now, we have been serving the Hudson Valley and beyond with an ever-increasing demand for our pesto.

People have quoted BuddhaPesto as “The best basil pesto on the planet.” This is because we select only the finest, uncompromised natural ingredients. Buddhapesto's ingredients are: fresh basil and Italian parsley, pure olive oil, imported Pecorino Romano cheese and pignoli nuts, fresh garlic, tri-colored pepper and sea salt.

We take great pride in preparing all the ingredients from scratch in a made-to-order fashion, using only the freshest ingredients. We also support local farmers when the appropriate seasons are in effect.

Catskill Fungi  
344 Oliverea Road                           
Big Indian, NY 12410
Phone: 520 603-4191

Contact: John Michelotti
Year Established: 2015

Catskill Fungi

At Catskill Fungi we are all about Mushrooms. We produce high quality, triple-extracted mushroom health extracts from fungi we wild-craft and grow on our family farm. We offer fresh mushrooms when they are available. We enjoy sharing our love of mushrooms on our guided mushroom walks, mushroom landscape consultations, cultivation workshops, and through our mushroom inspired art. Stop by and say hi to a fungi. 

Don Osmer Woodworking
520 King Street
Chappaqua, NY 10514
Phone: 914 238-3690 or 914 362-0094

Contact: Don Osmer

Year Established: 1974




Elder Sisters Apothecary
1255 Turner Hill Road
Davenport, NY 13750
Phone: 917 536-7324

Contact: Jackie Foley & Lisa Benner

Year Established: 2019

Elder Sisters Apothecary

Elder Sisters Apothecary is a small, women owned business offering hand-crafted teas, tinctures, syrups, salves and other herbal products created in ritual by the phases of the Moon honoring the wisdom of plants as Herbal medicine & magic.

Elder Sisters Apothecary Logo

Handmade with Love
by Lisa Scalf
PO Box 305
New Kingston, NY 12459
Phone: 845 586-2052

Contact: Lisa Scalf

Year Established: 2009

With over 30 years of experience in the fashion industry, Lisa brings her creative talents to the Catskills. Lisa makes each item by hand at her home on a sleepy dirt road in New Kingston. Her products include snap wrap skirts, masks, aprons, pillows, bottle sleeves and other accessories.

Handmade with Love by Lisa Scalf

Harpersfield Cheese
1677 County Route 29
Jefferson, NY 12093
Phone: 607 278-6622

Contact: Corrinne Brovetto

Harpersfield Cheese, made at Brovetto’s Dairy Farm, is aged naturally and crafted by using milk from our cow dairy located in the northern Catskills of Delaware County. Our herd has been bred over the past 40-plus years to provide a proper balance of natural nutrients to make our unique cheese.

Harpersfield Cheese

“Each step in the cheese making process is carefully crafted by the cheese maker. The cheese is aged in an underground area where the temperature and humidity are controlled until the full flavor is developed. During the aging period, each wheel is washed and examined with care.

“When Harpersfield was frontier, newcomers were put up in the best houses until another could be built for them...all hands helping. Over 250 years later, the Brovettos of Harpersfield built their own farmstead cheese house, with friends and neighbors at their side...all hands helping. Experience cheese made the Old World way.”

— Corine Brovetto


Heller Farms
1157 County Road 39
Bainbridge, NY 13733
Phone: 607 967-8440

Contact: Seth & Deb Heller
Employees: 2
Established: 1983

Offering vegetables, u-pick strawberries, blueberries and Christmas trees.

"We are glad to be a part of the market." — Seth Heller.



Kerrs Creek Distillery
Walton, NY 13856
Phone: 607 441-8342

Contact: Matthew & Jessica White

Kiss My Butts BBQ

Kerrs Creek Distillery is a small family owned and operated distillery, highlighting products made from ingredients sourced in NY State. The story of Kerrs Creek Distillery began almost 100 years ago, in Harvard, NY, where our great-great-grandfather and his son decided to distill bootleg alcohol to ship down to the Big City. Packed in pianos, the bottles were moved, undetected, and delivered to countless speakeasies. For several years during Prohibition, father and son refined their craft, taking pride in what they were creating. It is that same care and pride that we at Kerrs Creek Distillery embrace today.

Locust Grove Soap Co.
53798 State Hwy. 30
Roxbury, NY 12474
Phone: 607 326-3404           

Contact: Deborah Bauer
Employees: 1                       
Year Established: 2002

Locust Grove Soap Company is a small, home-based business located in Roxbury, that specializes in all pure vegetable glycerin and goat's milk soaps in 40 different varieties.

Other products offered: body butter, Dead Sea salts, natural lip balm, after bath splash, lavender sachets, goat's milk lotion, skeeter beater, liquid hand soap, castille soap, body wash, favors for baby/bridal showers / weddings and corporate gift baskets.


Lucky Clover Artisanal Bakery
Cobleskill, NY 12043
Phone: 518 410-2440

Contact: Jessica/Erin
Year Established: 2016

Locally Sourced, Naturally Good. Our timeless baked goods feature NYS organic flour, local milk, local butter, local cold-pressed non-gmo  sunflower and canola oil, local free range eggs, organic fair trade sugars, organic spices, and local fruits, herbs and vegetables and plant based food coloring.We specialize in creating unusual but mouth-watering flavor combinations such as strawberry basil cake made with organic strawberries and fresh basil and sangria cake made with seasonal fruit and a red wine buttercream. We have a large assortment of gluten free, dairy free, paleo and vegan baked goods and will be offering some traditional polish items such as pierogis and soups.





Lucky Dog Farm
& Farm Store
35796 State Highway 10 (Main Street)
Hamden, NY 13782
Phone: 607 746-9898 
Fax: 607 746-9894     
Web:  LuckyDogOrganic.Com

Contact: Richard Giles
Established:  2000  
Employees :  8   

Lucky Dog Farm offers a full range of seasonal organic fresh vegetables, cut flowers and food items made at Lucky Dog Store. At both our farm and our store we are interested in building a system of good, local, and largely organic food.  We are also committed to farmland preservation and support of new small farms in the area.

Lucky Dog Farm & Farm Store

Meredith's Bread
415 Route 28
Kingston, NY 12401
Phone: 845 331-4318 

Contact: Bob, Lynn or Amanda Allen
Established:  1987  

Since 1987, Meredith's Country Bakery has produced handmade and preservative-free breads, rolls, cakes, cookies, pies and preserves from scratch. As one of the founding members of the original Pride of New York Program, now known as Taste of NY, we are rooted in local ingredient sourcing and passionate about supporting the sustainability of New York State agriculture.

Family owned and operated, what began as a small bakery made up of only 10 products has quickly grown into a company providing a selection of over 180 quality baked goods. This includes several lines dedicated to wheat-free, sugar-free, and organic products. The most recent and exciting addition to our company has been the completion of a separate gluten-free baking facility with it's own equipment, staff and certified gluten-free ingredients.


Mulligan Creek Acres
1181 East Lykers Road
Sprakers, NY 12166
Phone: (518) 673-4848

Contact: Tanya Moyer
Established:  2012  

Purebred Berkshire Pork, Jacob lamb, chicken and turkey raised on organically maintained pastures and diets supplemented with a local, custom milled non-GMO grain. As well as eggs, meatballs, meatloaf, soups and custom seasoning blends.

Mulligan Creek Acres


Mulligan Creek Acres

1181 East Lykers Road
Sprakers, NY 12166
Phone: (518) 673-4848

Contact: Tanya Moyer

Mulligan Creek Acres Eatery

Mulligan Creek Acres Eatery offers a variety of breakfast and lunch options at the Round Barn.  Using our own Berkshire pork, chicken, lamb and eggs, we pair it with what is found locally, in-season from farmers we know and other market vendors to create delicious offerings.  Our goal is to source the best in local – focusing on high quality ingredients that are grown using sustainable and regenerative agricultural production methods.   Menu offerings change weekly based on seasonality and availability.


Ooh Fudge It by Renee
1231 Patria Road
Warnerville, NY 12187

We are new the Pakatakan Market as a regular vendor.  We had the opportunity to attend some of the weekends last year and decided to go for the full season in 2021.  We made fresh homemade fudge, up to 45 different flavors.  If you have an idea for a flavor, we want to hear about it.  LIFE IS SHORT EAT THE FUDGE!!





Patria Gardens
887 Patria Road
P.O. Box 120
W. Fulton, NY 12194
Phone: 518 827-5937
Fax: 518 827-5937

Contact: Neil Driscoll
Established: 1983
Employees: 0

Patria Gardens has been a vendor at the Pakatakan Farmers’ Market since its inaugural season. Featured products at Patria Gardens include: perennial plants, small shrubs, cut flowers in season and garden design installation and maintenance.

We also offer art cards, paintings and prints and music CDs.

“We have established many friendships with the customer base during our many years at the market.” — Neil Driscoll

Patria Gardens

Pika’s Farm Table
Big Indian, NY 12410
Phone: 845 254-5884

Contact: Luc & Pika Roels
Established: 2000
Employees: 4 Full Time / 14 Part Time


All of our products are made from scratch with the freshest local ingredients we can find. We make quiches, soups, appetizers and dips, as well as pot-pies. We also serve our delicious Belgian sugar waffles.

“It’s always good to be back at the market.” — Pika Roels

Shaver-Hill Farm
310 Shaver Road
Harpersfield, NY 13786
Phone: 607 652-6792

Contact: Dennis, Dwayne and David Hill
Established: 1985 (partnership).
Producing maple syrup for 60 years.
Employees: All family

"Maple syrup has been produced on our farm since 1891. Our family partnership takes pride in producing the finest maple products. We have a shop at the farm where our products can also be purchased. We can also do mail order."

Shaver-Hill Farms specializes in producing: maple syrup, maple sugar, maple cream, maple jelly, maple lollipops, maple-coated peanuts, hard maple candies, maple mustard, maple barbecue sauce, maple tea, maple coffee and maple popcorn.

"Part of our maple business is sales and service of maple equipment and supplies needed for maple syrup production. Each year in March we host two Maple Weekend Open Houses — that include pancakes and sausages being served all day."

Shaver Hill Farm

Skytop Springs Fish Farm
Address 234 Skytop Lane
City, State Zip Sidney Center, NY 13839
Phone 607-265-3797

Contact: Michael Sellitti
Established: 2015

Skytop Springs Fish Farm is a family owned and operated aquaculture operation focused on the responsible use of our resources in order to grow the healthiest, most delicious and beautiful Kamloops Rainbow Trout. We raise trout solely for the purpose of food so we care deeply about the quality of the fish we produce - from the water we rear our trout in, to the highest quality premium feed they eat - every aspect of the growth of our fish are monitored from the time they hatch, to the time they're ready for market.

At Skytop Springs we raise our trout from hatching to harvest as well as process and smoke - all on our farm located in Delaware County. Supplying restaurants, specialty grocers, farmers' markets and you! We prepare our trout whole (dressed), filleted, butterflied, and Northwest Style Hot-Smoked. Skytop Springs is one of only two freshwater land-based aquaculture operations in the state recognized as New York State Grown & Certified.

Skytop Springs Fish Farm

Skytop Springs Fish Farm Logo

Stone & Thistle Farm
1211 Kelso Road
East Meredith, NY 13757
Phone: 607 278-5800
E-mail: warren@stoneand

Contact: Denise Warren
Established: 1990

Grass-fed lamb, goat, pork, beef, poultry, rabbits and eggs and meat products are raised and made on our family farm located in in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains. Fable’s Kitchen produces meat pies, sausage, pates, soups, sauces in the farm’s kitchen for sale at farmers markets. Farm Stay. Farm Tours. Farm and Food programs and workshops.

Stone & Thistle Farm

Stone & Thistle Farm

Straight Out of the Ground
East Branch Farms
52234 State Hwy 30
Roxbury, NY 12474
Phone: 607 326-6177

Contact: Madalyn Warren 

We love diversity and growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and cut flowers. Organically grown vegetables and herbs are delivered to the Round Barn within 24 hours of harvest. New to market this year is the pro-biotic power-house Kimchee Harvest, featuring traditional and farmer’s choice varieties of the Korean staple. We love PFM and the community that gathers there every Saturday sharing recipes, fielding special requests from buyers and seeing the abundance of food produced in our region. East Branch Farms is 9 miles north of the Round Barn, stop by and visit anytime.

Straight From the Ground

Tea Thyme
Herb & Fruit Farm
288 Vega Mountain Road
Denver, NY 12421
Phone: 607 326-7153

Contact: Will and Cheryl Patterson
Established: 1983

Tea Thyme Herb & Fruit Farm

TeaThyme has made handcrafted jams, mustards, dips, soup mixes & other delicious farmstead provisions since 1983. Simple fresh fruit jam, herb seasonings & no salt soup mixes to create simple meals. Easy ways to bring new taste to old favorites!





Township Valley Farm
1359 Townbrook Road
Hobart, NY 13788
Phone: 607 431-8128

Contact: Julie Knyphausen and
Michael Warholic
Year Established:

Nestled in the western foothills of the Catskill Mountains, Township Valley is a USDA Certified Organic farm. We grow a variety of gourmet mushrooms, selling at farmers’ markets in the Catskills, Hudson River Valley, and surrounding areas, as well as directly to local restaurants. We believe that the best tasting, highest quality, and most sustainable farming happens without chemicals and pesticides, and that’s exactly how we grow our mushrooms.

Township Valley Mushrooms

Two Stones Farm
22 Bruce Scudder Road
Halcott Center, NY 12430
Phone: 607 201-3649

Contact: Alan and Robin White
Year Established: 2001

Farm Fresh Goat Cheeses, Farm Fresh Cow Cheeses, Farm Fresh Goat and Cow Blended Cheeses, Alpaca Wool, Alpaca Knitted and Woven products, Goat Milk Soap, Free Range Chicken Eggs


Two Stones Farm is a small family farm located in Halcott Center, NY, just a few short miles from the Round Barn Market.  It is owned and operated by Alan and Robin White, who have been living in the Catskills for over 35 years.  After meeting at Cornell University, graduating with environmental and animal science degrees, and getting married, they started farming in 2001. With the help of their three children, Two Stones Farm grew larger and larger, but after the children grew up and moved away,  Alan retired and started farming full time.  Robin is still a teacher at Andes Central School, helping Alan whenever she can, but Alan is the real muscle behind Two Stones Farm.  Alan and Robin have a philosophy of sustainability that is in tune with the natural world, and they try to have as small a carbon footprint as they can each and every day.  In addition to their all-natural vegetable and fruit gardens, Two Stones Farm is home to goats, Jersey cows, chickens, guinea fowl, dogs, cats, and alpacas.  At Two Stones Farm, we  strive to make delicious and healthy products that are a pleasure to share with our customers!

Union Grove Distillery
43311 State Hwy. 28
Arkville, NY 12406
Phone: (845) 586-6300

Contact: Brian Mulder
Established: 2016

Business and/or Product Description:  Union Grove Distillery is a family run NY farm licensed distillery.  Making vodka from NY apples and wheat as well as a vodka made from pure local maple syrup. Union Grove Distillery was just awarded a gold medal and best of category medal for their Vly Creek Vodka made from apples and wheat.  Also on tap is a sprit distilled in a rum style made from pure local maple syrup and finished in a bourbon barrel.  Bourbon and Whiskey and other specialty spirits are in the designing stage as you read this.





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